Amber Eve

Elegant and sophisticated, Amber Eve brings edge and ambiance to your home  

We all want to give our skin lots of love with body lotions, balms and creams but at the same time our skin might be absorbing unessential and sometimes harmful chemicals hidden inside. Our desire here at Amber Eve is to nourish our skin with rich and natural skincare full of nutrients, omega oils, proteins and vitamins and nothing else, no hidden chemicals! Only the amazing, pure and natural stuff! 

Amber Eve also makes upmarket slow burning candles hand poured in our studio in London. Our candles are made from a high quality natural wax using a unique blend of rapeseed and coconut wax and paraben free botanical oils.

How about a nice hot bubble bath...light up a scented candle, inhale the beautiful fragrance and let your mind take you anywhere you wish.

And that's what Amber Eve is all about! All we want is to make you feel cosy, relaxed and comfortable and to open your mind to new dreams and aspirations!

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